" Free & Open source and robust augmented reality SDK (Unity Plugin) based on ARToolkit"


Open Source AR SDK + Unity Plugin

ARToolKit+ open source augmented reality SDK based on ARToolkit.

Supports whole new features, like Database(ImageTarget) manager, NFT real world image tracking, Planer Tracking and much more.

ARToolKit+ is a collection of software tools to help solve some of the fundamental problems in augmented reality, including geometric and photometric registration.

Complete source code is available on GitHub.

Key Features of ARToolKit+

Industry vertical AR solutions are focused on using scalable AR solutions to solve real-world issues. For these solutions, pricing models vary substantially based on factors such as usage, comprised of licensing, support and volume of usage fees. In this scenario, open source technology always helps us to increase flexibility and reduce the cost.
Modular Open Source code

Complete access to the computer vision algoriyhm allows you to modify the source code to fit your specific application

Mobile focus easy development

Includes OpenGL ES2.X support, integration with GPS and compass, and automatic camera calibration utilities.

Android & iOS support

Compatible SDK for iOS , Android, MAc OS X. Also support Unity 3D plugin to enable cross platform development support.

For Smart Glasses & beyond

ARToolKit includes stereo & optical see-through support, is integrated with range of smart glasses, and allow easy calibration

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