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Internet of Things (IoT) : 

Everything that can be Automated will be Automated !

Your Things Have a Story to Tell. Are You Listening?

A proposed development of the internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity allowing them to send and receive data.

The Internet of Things(IoT) starts with your things- The things that matter most of your business. IoT is about making your data come together in a new way. 

# Devices and sensors – There are various types of devices and sensors and selection depend on the specific requirement and use case. 

# Communication network – This is basically a data channel that acts like a road for data to travel. It can be 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi.

# Middleware or IoT platform – With a growing need for complex event processing and in order to leverage multiple deployment areas, the IoT platform is an integral part of the overall solution.

# Application layer- This is what generally customers see more often. Various reports and analytics can be built on top for interesting insights and to enable decision making.

1. Marketing and Sales

2. Product Development

3. Operations and Manufacturing

4. Service and Support

5. Information and Operational Technology

6. Customers


IoT Use Cases

Regardless of who you talk to, everybody agrees that the IoT will be the next big "thing". To create business value, you need to identify and prioritize the right IoT use cases. We're here to help you to find out appropriate use case for you.
Operations and Manufacturing

As an Operations or Manufacturing Leader, You are Focused on Improving Performance and Agility In a World of Increasing Production  & Reducing Risk.
#Inventory and Material Tracking
#Single Screen Operator View
#Real-time Asset Monitoring
#Connected Operational Intelligence

Service and Support

As a Service or Support Leader, You are Challenged to Optimally Service Products in the Field and Remotely, Efficiently Manage Spare Parts and Warranty Costs, and Develop Strategies to Increase Revenue, Profitability and Customer Value
Predictive Monitoring and Service
Remote Service
 # Connected Service Parts Management
#Connected Field Service

Marketing and Sales

Anticipate Customer Needs, Efficiently Identify Sales Opportunities. Deploy new business models that leverage product data to enable usage, performance
# Flexible Billing and Pricing Models
# Real-Time Market Insights
# Immersive Product Demonstration
# Connected Consumable Resupply

Information and Op. Technology

As an IT Leader You Face Increased Scrutiny to Deliver More Business Value, Maintain Existing Infrastructure and Implement Bold, New Projects in IoT and Big Data While Creating Opportunities to Drive Innovation
# Product and Asset Connectivity
# Secure IoT Operations Management
# Data Integration and Analytics
# Rapid IoT and AR / VR App Development 

Important IoT Components






Communication / Protocols